Thankful Thursday

Some things I have been so thankful for during my pregnancy
- 34 weeks and 2 days already!

* my sister telling me I am still beautiful - even though I feel like a pudgy whale
* hugs from my hubby
* having my MIL cook great dinners every night to keep me healthy
* the wonderful baby in my tummy who is already a good, strong, healthy boy
* having reconnected with old friends (who are pregnant too)
* having lots of people around me to ask for advice
* being able to give advice to some preggy friends here in Japan
* not having any strange cravings (AND no morning sickness!)
* being pregnant in winter, so I can cover up my swollen ankles with Ugg boots and my chubby thighs with black woolly tights!
* the internet! such a great place to go for advice and information and the ability to connect with family and friends across great distances
* cheesy reality TV shows (The Bachelor and American Idol to name just 2), great time wasters on my slow days
* knowing that almost any day now, I will be able to meet my son!!!!!


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