Rakugo (落語)

Rakugo (which literally means `fallen words` in Japanese) is a kind of story telling art. A single storyteller (Rakugoka) sits (in the kneeling/seiza position) on the stage and using only 2 props (a paper fan - sensu 扇子 and a piece of cloth - tenugui 手拭) he depicts a long and comical story.

Today in Miwa (a small town located in Nara) a famous Rakugoka (Kaishi Katsura) gave a performance in both Japanese and in English at Omiwa Shrine (大神神社).

I went to watch Rakugo with my sister, and we were also able to enjoy some of Nara`s tasty treats including sake and soba donuts (I ate donuts and Eve drank sake)!

We left Osaka at around 11:30am (from Tsuruhashi Station) and arrived in Miwa at around 12:30. The English section of the performance started at 1:00pm and lasted for about 30 minutes. We were able to watch a show in Japanese too, which was a bit complicated (lots of Osaka dialect was used) but interesting enough. After the show we were interviewed for Nara`s tourist magazine and had our picture taken with Sento-kun (Nara`s mascot).

Do you know Sento-kun? He is a kind of mascot character who is a hybrid of two of Nara`s most famous things; the big buddha, and the numerous deer which live in Nara Park. Sento-kun (せんとくん) was created by Nara City Office to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijō-kyō, the ancient capital of Japan.

If you would like to see an example of English Rakugo, have a look at this youtube video. The story is almost exactly the same as one he told today.

A nice trip on a nice sunny day!


  1. Hi Fran!

    How interesting!!! I have to watch this video later!!!

    I know Sento-kun. He looks scary for me. hahaha

    I think I've asked you this question before, but in what language do you talk with your hubby?! English???

  2. I saw it this morning!!! This is really rakugo in English. hahaha


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