I have always been a little bit OCD with cleaning, but recently I have taken things to a new level, seconds after someone finishes using a cup, plate, fork, candy wrapper, up I get and put it in the sink (under running water) or in the bin. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I want to do is wash any dirty clothes, vacuum the floor and make everything spick and span.

This morning, moments after waking up, I had already brought in all the dry washing from yesterday AND put all the newborn clothes, blankets and towels into the washing machine.

Am I going crazy? According to most pregnancy information out there, I have a condition called NESTING!

Nesting is a real pregnancy phenomenon!

Nesting (source)

Have you noticed that you have the urge to clean everything in sight lately? Are you rushing around your house, completing the ironing, reorganizing the cupboards, or color-coding your wardrobe? If so, then you might be experiencing what is commonly referred to as the nesting instinct. The nesting instinct is a frequent occurrence throughout pregnancy, and is often a sign that you are about to welcome your baby in to the world!

What Causes the Nesting Instinct?
The nesting urge in pregnancy is thought to be caused by both biological and emotional factors.

Most females in the animal kingdom experience similar patterns of cleaning and preparation when they are pregnant. From birds to bears, female animals appear to have an intrinsic need to prepare ahead of time for their new arrival. It is believed that females are programmed to experience this nesting instinct in order to ensure that their offspring will be cared for properly after birth. By having your baby’s room ready, all her clothes organized, and her meals planned, you are ensuring that your baby will have the best chance for growth and survival after birth.

So I am not crazy - well, maybe not!

Oh, BTW, we assembled the baby bed last week! Bad news? We assembled it in another room and just realised that its too big to fit through the door... ooops! Guess we will be re-assembling it again this week ;)


  1. Sounds like nesting to me. Feel free to nest at our house any time you like. ;P

  2. Add me to the list as well! You can help me get started!

    Your post made me laugh and I told Toshi about it, he said he can't wait for that stage!

  3. Hi Fran,

    Your post is always new to me! Thanks for sharing!!!

    But, nesting doesn't sound bad! I wish I could clean up things around me all the time X(

  4. Thanks guys, but I don`t think it would be considered `nesting` if I were doing it at your houses!!
    I haven`t had any close friends or family members who have been pregnant, so everything is really new for me too. I rely heavily on information online (as you may have noticed), and I know every pregnancy is different, but it sure is interesting, and amazing what the female body can do!


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