Morph me baby

I did this a while ago actually, but never got round to posting it, so here goes.

Yoshi (recent photo) + Fran (recent photo) =

If you squint your eyes a little (I know its a bit fuzzy)... this is the predicted face of Yoshi and my son! He (looks like a girl I know) is very cute, but can`t see much japanese baby in there...

Guess we will just have to wait and see.

If you want to try this, check it out. It is a bit fiddly, but you can morph yourself with anyone (even Brad Pitt) and see what your babies might look like.


  1. Your baby is cute fran!!!

    I'm afraid to try this but curious to know how it comes out... haha

  2. I hope my real baby is this cute!! hehe.. I was very nervous to try it too, but it is really just a game...

  3. This is exactly how my morph baby turned out!! I'm so disappointed, obviously they have "standard babies" :(


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