I passed the JLPT!

Last December I took the JLPT test (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). It was hard to choose which level to take because since I had taken it the previous time, they had changed the levels!

Now there are 5 levels to choose from N5 (the easiest) to N1 (the hardest).

In each level there are a certain number of grammar points, vocabulary and kanji (chinese characters) that you are required to learn in order to pass the test.

I chose to take N4 which requires you learn about 300 kanji and some averagely difficult grammar and vocabulary.

Over 7,000 people applied to take the N4 in December last year (in Japan) and over 48,000 people overseas!

From those 7,764 people in Japan 3,716 people passed the test. INCLUDING ME!! I scored 100% in the listening section which I am very very happy about... must be all those Japanese TV shows I have been watching.

I would like to try the N3 (which has between 300 and 1000 kanji) at the end of 2011, but I have lots of studying to do before then, and with a new baby, that might be a bit hard.

If you are interested in taking the test, the next one will be in July, and the following one in December. Check out the JLPT website for more info. If you want to know what kind of material will be on the test, I found this website to be very helpful.


  1. **lurker de-lurking**
    Congrats! I'm still waiting to get my JLPT scores back.. Took level N3, but didn't get to study nearly as much as I had wanted due to school.

  2. Well done sweetheart. Love you.

  3. am finally catching up on my blog commenting - congratulations!!!!! woohoo! :)

  4. Thanks J. Hope things are going ok for you too. Happy belated birthday :)


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