Hot Mama!

A few weeks ago, I could see my feet! Now I have a 2065g baby in my belly and that has all changed.

Friday - week 33

I had my 33 week checkup yesterday (now I am seeing my doctor once a fortnight) and he proclaimed that all is well. Any slight dizziness and irregular bowel movements were just part of the process he said, and I shouldn`t worry about it... easy for him to say... grrr!

Baby boy is growing fast and seems very healthy - he even kicked the nurse who tried to check his fetal heartbeat as I lay on the exam table! hehe ;)

As a side note, and as a bit of free advertising for a great company (whose HQ are in Auckland New Zealand) I have discovered while pregnant... Have you heard of Hot Milk? They are a company who design maternity and nursing lingerie that DOES NOT look like it came out of your granny`s closet!

I ordered a set from them a few weeks ago and it arrived today! So nice to feel a bit prettier than usual... unfortunately the Japanese maternity lingerie I have found (and been wearing so far is of the granny variety; boring colors/patterns and horrible large-belly-covering style).

I chose one with the name `Her midnight charm was striking` - isn`t that the coolest name for a bra ever? and the color is beautiful.


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