Happy Valentine`s Day


These are the giri-choco (obligatory chocolate) I gave to Yoshi`s 2 brothers, 1 brother-in-law, and staff at his company...

メリーチョコレート Mary`s chocolate

Here are the cute chocolates I gave to Yoshi`s nephews (the ones who are old enough to eat chocolate)...

チョコエイド Choco-Aid

And here is what I am going to make (after waddling home from my Japanese lesson this morning) for Yoshi. He is not a big fan of just chocolate, and I am poor and cannot afford to buy anything too fancy, so I thought these looked great on the blog / recipe site I came across...

I think I may have talked about Valentine`s Day in Japan before, so sorry to be repeating myself. It is a bit different than back home, where boys and girls give choccies and flowers to the ones they love. Here, girls give honmei-choco chocolates to their boyfriends/husbands/lovers, and also giri-choco to their dads, brothers, male colleagues and friends.

Recently some girls also buy expensive chocolates for themselves as a special treat!

On March 14th (a month after Valentine`s day), men are supposed to repay the kindness of all the women in their lives by buying cookies, jewelry and other gifts (which in theory should be 2-3 times more expensive than the chocolates they received a month before). This day is known as White Day ホワイトデー and is also celebrated in South Korea and Taiwan.


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