Eating for two

I realise that I am perhaps a little too concerned about all of this weight gain stuff, but living here in Japan, where most women probably weigh between 40-50kg, it is hard to feel normal, even when I probably am.

I had the most encouraging update from my `What to Expect` Ipod application yesterday, which I would like to share with all of you (especially those who are expecting, and stressing about all the weight). I have tried to convert all the units to grams and kilograms, but it is a bit rough, sorry!

Gaining weight at a steady rate within recommended boundaries can also lower your chances of having hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stretch marks, backache, fatigue, indigestion, and shortness of breath during pregnancy.

Why is weight gain important during pregnancy?

The extra weight you gain during pregnancy provides nourishment to your developing baby and is also stored for breastfeeding your baby after delivery.

Where does all the extra weight go?

Here is an approximate breakdown of your weight gain:

  • Baby: 7-8 pounds = 3.2-3.6kg
  • Placenta: 1-2 pounds = 450g-910g
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds = 910g
  • Uterus: 2 pounds = 910g
  • Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds = 910g
  • Maternal blood : 4 pounds = 1.8kg
  • Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds = 1.8kg
  • Maternal fat and nutrient stores: 7 pounds = 3.2kg
Those weights added together make 14kg, more than I have gained so far! Yippeeeeee :)
I know my baby isn`t quite 3000g yet (more like 2000g), but this does make me feel better. PHEW!


  1. Hi fran,

    so this means plus 14kg is usual for pregnancy?! wow,,,

    40-50kg, yeah... probably but I am not. oops


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