Date day

It seems like it has been a while since Yoshi and I had a proper date day. We have lots of errands to run and things to buy in preparation for the new baby, and Yoshi has been suuuuper busy at work, so it was really nice to spend a whole day with him yesterday!

We went to his family`s burial place at the cemetery in the morning, to clean up the headstones and replace the flowers. It was so nice and sunny and there was no one else there, very relaxing!

After that we went into the city, Honmachi first, to buy a sling for the baby. I have been doing so much research on the best sling for newborns - toddlers and finally settled on the Ergobaby. It seems to have a really good reputation in a lot of countries including Japan and now it comes with a newborn insert, called `heart2heart`...
so it can hold babies of all sizes. I chose the organic model (in green) which was a little more expensive, but very cute...

Unfortunately Akachan Honpo didn`t have the green one in stock, so we went to Namba Parks (a big shopping mall in Namba) where we found a green one at Ribbon (a kidswear boutique).

We decided that we would watch a movie (The Town) after dinner, and bought our tickets. There is a cinema on the 8th floor of Namba Parks which is very convenient!

Nearby Namba Parks we found a Thai restaurant named Tai Thai and we ate lots of delicious spicy food. Well I ate lots of delicious spicy food and Yoshi tried! He isn`t a big fan of spicy curries and soups, and he hates coriander (I wonder why he chose Thai food at all!)

We made it back to Namba Parks in time for the movie and watched `The Town`. It wasn`t bad, but I haven`t seen a really good movie in ages, so I was a little disappointed. It stars Ben Affleck and was adapted from Chuck Hogan`s novel named Prince of Thieves. Other actors in the movie include Jeremy Renner, John Hamm, Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively (from Gossip Girl). Basically Ben`s character is a bank robber from the wrong side of the tracks who ends up falling for one of the hostages he takes during a bank robbery.

The movie rating website Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie 94% out of 204 reviews which is pretty amazing. Here is what a few viewers had to say...

`One of the first serious adult dramas of the fall season, 'The Town' also is one of the first serious Oscar contenders.`

`The movie's thrills are old-fashioned and assured.`

`An electric heist film played out with an impressive ensemble cast, and grounded in a believably earnest sense of place, Affleck proves Gone Baby Gone was no beginner's luck.`


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