Aren`t you scared?

So this week is my 35th week of pregnancy. It is weird knowing that it will all be over really soon, and although pregnancy for me has been very calm and relatively asymptomatic, I feel like it has been long enough, and I am definitely ready to move onto the next step and meet my son!

In BABY-NAME news, I think we have finally decided on something, and I have shared it with a few people who were all very supportive. I will announce it here after he is born (I have to make sure it suits him!!)

The question that I have recently been asked most often is... `Are you worried about the pain?`

To be honest, `Yes` of course I am, but I feel like I have come to terms with the fact that it will hurt like hell, and may continue for hours or days. Labour and giving birth are a natural part of many women`s lives, and women have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years, it isn`t something I can avoid (no epidurals at my hospital, or at many hospitals in Japan), and I don`t think I would want to.

So what does labour feel like? From the research I have done, it really seems that every woman has a different story, and feels different things... check out some of these comments from women who have gone through the process.



Many moms told us that their contractions felt like an extreme version of menstrual cramps, while others compared them to cramps from gas, a stomach flu, or a charley horse.

  • My contractions were like menstrual cramps on steroids.
  • The cramping went from the top of my stomach down to my pubic area.
  • It was like gas pains times a thousand.
  • A horrible cramp that started in my back and radiated into my stomach.
  • Very painful cramping and tightening that started at the top of my uterus and spread downward and through my back.
  • Strong menstrual cramps that came and went. They would start low and radiate up my belly and around into my lower back.
  • Like the cramps you get with a really bad stomach flu – but they last longer!
  • Labor feels like charley horses in your lower abdomen.


Several women described the contractions as a "tightening" rather than a cramping.

  • It felt like my entire stomach was tightening down into a painful little ball. But the contractions were not unbearable at all.
  • I literally felt my uterus muscles tightening.
  • The contractions felt like my whole body was clenching up.
  • It was like someone was grabbing all the skin in my back and pulling very slowly until it was tight, then holding it for a minute and releasing.
  • I had tightening all over my belly, radiating into my lower back and rectum.
  • It felt like someone was squeezing my belly every two or three minutes.
  • It was like someone was squeezing my insides as hard as they could.

So, to put it simply, one can never fully prepare themselves for labour, giving birth, or the associated pain. I am excited actually, and of course the end result will be worth it all!


  1. Hi Fran, I feel like your son comes out smoothly ;)

    How exciting to see your son soon!!!

    I like the way you see the celebrities. hehe I know they have gorgeous pregnancy times but I like your's too! I always read your posts, wanting to spend heart-warming time like you. hehe

  2. Thanks Ochi! I hope it all goes smoothly. Watching the lives (and more recently, pregnancies) of celebrities is my guilty pleasure! Sometimes it makes me a bit sad, because they have so much money, great stylists, wonderful fashion sense etc... but basically it is just interesting watching how others live their lives!


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