34 weeks

Friday - week 34

Today`s picture is clothed because I ate waaaaaay too much for lunch and wonder if the bump is all baby, or perhaps a roll of sushi or 3!! Maybe a relief to some ;)

It also gives a good perspective on how things look to the people around me. My naked belly looks a bit smaller, so this is nice and round and cute I think!

So being that we are in week 34, I have decided to throw myself a baby shower. Baby showers are not popular (or known at all) in Japan, so some of my Japanese friends were a bit surprised when I told them.

A baby shower (for those who don`t know) is a small party (usually with a lot of girl-friends and female family members) thrown for the mama-to-be. It is usually held at someone`s house and involves all kinds of games and competitions, lots of present opening, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the adorable-ness of it all. Some people go really over-board with huge cakes, invitations and extravagant decorations!!

Actually I have never attended a baby shower, but imagine it to look like this...

Unfortunately I can`t invite people to my house, so have decided to have the shower at a restaurant in central Osaka. I have invited 9 friends and we might play a very tame game or two. Mostly it will be nice to see everyone before the baby comes and I no longer have any time or energy to spend with my friends!


  1. Wow,your belly bump look cute!! Ya,baby shower is not popular in Malaysia & Singapore too..and I learnt about baby shower thru blogger too.I really hope I can organise one too when I'm pregnant one day..It's should be fun!

  2. Thanks Josephine!! And thanks for finding my blog through Ochi :) I hope my baby shower is fun, it will be a new experience for everyone!

  3. i apologise in advance as i am not going to be bringing a cake like any of those! no cutesy shiz from me haha!x

  4. hehe :) Thanks Z! I don`t think we need a cake like that!! It would probably cost 10s of thousands of yen here anyway... No cutesy stuff is just fine. Just wanna see you!


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