The year of the baby?

So of course, in Japan and China, 2011 is the year of the rabbit, but in Hollywood, it looks like 2011 will be the year of the baby!

I mentioned in a previous post that some very gorgeous women will be giving birth around spring time... but recently some other very famous women have announced that they too are expecting, and will give birth later this year...

Victoria Beckham (already mum to 3 boys!)

Alicia Silverstone (first baby)

Natalie Portman (first baby)

Kate Hudson (has a son already)

Selma Blair (her first baby)

Jane Krakowski - star of 30 Rock (first baby)

Marion Cotillard - star of Inception (her first baby)

...and Jewel - singer (her first)

Congrats to all these great women, and I cannot wait to see their cute babies later this year!


  1. Hi fran! I'm glad to know you are doing fine ;)

    Victoria Beckham, again?! Wow!!!

  2. I know! I can`t believe that someone so cute and skinny has had 3 babies already. I am sure she is hoping for a girl this time ;)


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