At my last doctor`s visit (yesterday), my grumpy old doctor said... and I quote `You made a big effort!` He even smiled!

Why all the positive feedback? In the last 3 weeks, my weight went from 63.3kg to 63.3kg! No change at all (and in fact, there may be a few 100 grams of weight loss, since the baby`s weight increased from 769g to 1234g!)

So I am very pleased that cutting out all sugar and eating dinner earlier for 2 out of the last 3 weeks worked wonders.

One of the last 3 weeks was spent in New Zealand with Yoshi, his mother and his older brother. I couldn`t return home without indulging in some of my old favorite foods, so I put the `diet` on the back-burner for 7 days.

We had a great holiday. The boys especially enjoyed all of NZs adventure activities - white water rafting, sliding down a concrete path in a Luge, rolling down the hill in a Zorb. Yoshi`s mum liked the birds and trees at Rainbow Springs, and all the stars that can be seen in the clear night sky.

Have to say great things about the hotel we stayed in in Auckland, the Waldorf Stadium Apartment Hotel and the dinners we had at Soul Bar, and Prego in the city.

Yoshi has become a huge fan of Burger Fuel and its giant burgers, and we all loved Fish and Chips (a good old kiwi favorite).

The best part for me was going back to the kiwi enclosure at Rainbow Springs after dark and watching the kiwis play. I have never really seen kiwis doing their thing in the `wild` so it was a really amazing experience. They are much faster and clumsier than I imagined. Super cute.

Some of the other great things we did,

* visiting the Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland in Rotorua.

* taking the ferry to Waiheke island and sampling some of the great wine they have on offer at Cable Bay and Mudbrick Vineyards.

* taking a day trip on Fullers 360 Discovery Harbour Tour and stopping off at Motuihe Island for a picnic. Heavenly!

* a bit of shopping on Auckland`s Queen Street, Sylvia Park Mall and of course the souvenir shops!

* buying some cute clothes, a sheepskin rug and a pram for the baby.

All in all, a great New Year Holiday although the 4 hour flight to Hong Kong, the 2 hour wait in the airport and the 11 hour flight to Auckland completely tired me out. Next time I am flying DIRECT!


  1. Hi Fran! Welcome back!!! And Happy New Year!!! And congrats for losing weight. I know it is not that big issue since you have lost weight before the wedding but how nice of you to obey your doctor ;)

    Waldorf sounds nice!

    Oh, I remember stamps in New Zealand are cute! I used to collect stamps and I really loved them. I think I still have those in my bookshelf! haha

    take care!!!

  2. Thanks! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that 2011 will be a wonderful year for you. I think New Zealand stamps are cute too, there are lots of images that we call Kiwiana -like really New Zealandy types of things, do you know jandals? (that is the NZ word for beach sandals) and vegemite? (some spreadable topping for toast). Those stamps are cool.

  3. Wow! I don't know both jandals and vegemite but i just goolged them and sounds really interesting :D BTW, I have many animal ones, I guess.

    vegemite seems very popular... how does that taste?!


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