Packing my hospital bag

So I have decided to be really organised and start packing my hospital bag (for when I am admitted into hospital to deliver my baby).

It is possible for a woman to go into labor (scarily) anytime after 28 weeks and deliver a premature baby (defined as a baby born before 37 weeks).

Although my pregnancy has been completely problem-free, I thought it wise / safe and get packing.

According to the list from my hospital I have to pack the following items...

For mum
Maternity pajamas
Shampoo and conditioner
Other toiletries
Bath towel
Hand towel
Chopsticks, Fork and Spoon
Tea cup
Plastic Bags
A book to read
Nursing bras
Maternity underwear (産褥ショーツ)
Breastfeeding pads
Sanitary pads
A waist reformer (ウエストニッパー)
Clothes to go home in

For baby
Nappies / diapers
Diaper cover
Some ガーゼハンカチ (thin cotton handkerchiefs)
Clothes for each day
A special `leaving the hospital` outfit
An おくるみ (okurumi = kind of swaddle, sleeping bag)
A car seat (if traveling home by car)

Compared to some lists I found online, this seems a bit long, but the average hospital stay after delivery (in Japan) is about 4 days, quite a bit longer than some other countries.

Some things that are not on the list, but I found on websites (mostly from the US) and I think might be nice to have...

My Ipod
A camera
List of people to call / text
My own pillowcase

Have I missed anything? Well, I have quite a few more weeks to go (fingers crossed) before I need the bag, so let me know if there is anything else I might need.


  1. List of people to call / text is a good one!!!
    You are really prepared ;)

    Please take care!

    Oops... sorry that I cannot advice you anything X(

  2. My only advice is find the biggest fluffiest pads you can. My clinic provided some but just like big nappy. The big fluffy all night pads are the best. I took my own pillow as well which really helped. I am surprised your hospital doesn't provide all that for the baby. I almost wanted to accidentally pack the kimono wrap hospital outfit all my kids were in while they were there. It was a triple wrap in one - all joined together at the back but separate ties at the front. Was fabulous.
    Good luck. You're on the home stretch now :)

  3. Thanks to you both! I have already packed lots of pads... My sister-in-law said the same thing, that the hospital provided big ones, but it was better to have some extra too.
    So excited, now just 75 more days!


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