The name game

I would love to share an example of one of the debates Yoshi and I (and his mum) have been having about baby names recently...

Me : So here is the latest top-5 list of names that I think would be good for the baby!

Yoshi : number one... Noah?

Me : Yeah, it`s cute, it can be written (and pronounced) in both Japanese and English, it has kanji characters and it is a nice short name! Perfect!

Yoshi : huh? Noah is a car`s name.

...for those of you who don`t work with cars or are not obsessed with cars like my husband, The Toyota Noah is an eight-seater MPV with two rear sliding doors built by Toyota Motor Company and is perhaps sold only in Asia. When we `google` the word NOAH, there are so many other things (even the `National Organisation for Albinism and Hypopigmentation`) that come up before the stupid car.

Me : ok, what`s next?

Yoshi : Tyler. You mean like Liv Tyler? That`s a girl`s name! No way.

Me : ok...

Yoshi : number three; Elliot. What would his nickname be?

Me : hmmm, Eli I suppose.

Yoshi and Yoshi`s mum : えり? (Eri?) that`s a girl`s name too!

Me : ok...

Yoshi : number four; Sebastian... hmmm, it`s cute...

Yoshi`s mum : ハハハ (hahaha) Sebastian -> Seb -> Zeb! ハハハ (hahaha)!!

Yoshi : Oh yeah! hahahaha!

...side note - Yoshi`s mum has a dog called Zeb.

Me : So Yoshi, do you have any ideas?

Yoshi : hmmm, how about George?

Me : Why George?

Yoshi : I dunno.

Me : Here (handing over my Ipod), a list of the top 100 English names from last year, how about looking for some inspiration?

Yoshi : number one... Jacob. That`s good. Jake!

Me : Yeah, Jacob is ok... it might be a little too popular, but I`ll think about it. What else?

Yoshi : ...

Me : Anything else?

Yoshi : shhhh, the soccer is on.

Me : huff huff (walk off upstairs)


  1. lovely post, but frustrating for you no doubt! My vote goes for Noah!x

  2. Thanks Z. I adore the name personally, and can think of so many worse things to compare a name to (Fran -> Franny -> Fanny!!)
    I will definitely keep pestering him and try to avoid any evenings with distractions!


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