My maternity must-haves

Here are some things I couldn`t have made it this far (31 weeks today!!) without...

- sunshine (Winter in Japan can be a bit depressing when it`s so cold, and all the pregnancy hormones tend to make me a bit emotional. Sunshine helps a lot!)

- prunes ;)

- bio oil (massaging bio oil onto my bump every night helps me to connect to my baby, and it also makes my skin really soft. I don`t know if it stops stretch marks, but I don`t have any yet, so maybe it works)

- maternity tights/leggings (love the ones I have bought from Muji and Akachan Honpo)

- prenatal vitamins (I have been taking the Pigeon Calcium Plus prenatal vitamins since I found out I was pregnant. No special reason for this but I can buy them from Toys R Us and I haven`t really seen many other brands available here in Japan)

- body pillow (Yoshi is definitely not a sound or still sleeper, so I can`t rely on him to keep me comfy all night. I got mine from Costco and it was really cheap)

- `baby bump` (this ipod application tells me exactly what is going on inside this belly of mine and gives me a countdown till birth, space for belly photos, links to useful information, a baby name data base and much more)

- baby kicks (my son is crazy active and his little kicks, rolls, punches and flips let me know that he is ok in there)

- family and friends (of course - this goes without saying, right?)


  1. Excellent and much needed list! Thank you! I was told at the pharmacy that they didn't sell prenatal vitamins and so I had to order some from the states which is taking forever to arrive. Off to toys r us for me!
    Thanks for the list :)

    Maybe we can get another list of things you've bought for the little man! It's a bit daunting walking into a baby store ;)

    Take care!

  2. Thanks for your comment Danielle, and I certainly will set about composing another list. I have been banned from buying any more things for the baby just because they are `cute`, so I have to think about what he needs, rather than what I would like him to have hehe ;)

  3. Thanks fran for the post! I learned a lot. Especially stretch marks, I hear this word for many times but I didn't know there should be an extra care to avoid that!!!

  4. Yeah, stretch marks are a bit scary, but my husband is more worried about them than me! He always reminds me to put lots of oil on my skin...


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