Honey Heart Sticker Pictures

So when Yoshi and I were wandering around Namba Parks (a shopping mall here in Osaka) yesterday, we walked past a `game centre` with lots of sticker photo booths inside. One caught both of our attention as it advertised a `cool half` transformation. On closer inspection this photo booth claimed to enlarge one`s eyes and make one look less Japanese!

We had to try, and 400yen later, here are 2 of the terrifying results.

Be warned! TRULY Horrible!

If you want to give it a try?? The booth looks like this...

...and there are various levels of `cool` or `sweet` when adjusting one`s look. You can even add makeup and hair color after the photos are done.

OMG what will they think of next?


  1. I know!!! haha I once tried this kind with my darling and it came out really weird.

    BUT you look cute :D

  2. Thanks Ochi but I do NOT look cute... these are the craziest photos I have ever seen. Having big eyes makes me look like an alien! GROSS!


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