Dr Scholl Qtto Sleeping Socks

I had only ever seen socks like this sold in the airport (to help prevent blood circulation problems during flight), so I was really surprised to see them advertised as a beauty product on Japanese tv.

According to Doctor Scholl, fat looking thighs and legs are caused by water retention due to poor blood circulation, contributed to by a poor posture. Additionally, high salt content in our bodies, as well as prolonged periods of sitting or standing, cause bloating when soft tissues in the leg swell up. So the company invented Medi Qtto Sleeping Stockings, which are meant to improve the blood circulation and reduce the water retention in our legs while we sleep. It is also said that these stockings are designed to facilitate compression therapy, a technique that helps improve circulation to relieve a number of medical conditions such as varicose veins.

Satisfied users claim that their legs feel lighter in the morning and look slimmer too.

Because fluid retention (especially around the ankles) is a common symptom of pregnancy (especially in the 3rd trimester) I decided to buy them and give them a try. They were a bit more expensive than regular socks, but about the same price as a good pair of tights / stockings (I got them at a drugstore for 1,400yen, and have seen them on rakuten.com for around 2,000yen).

The open toe design means my feet don`t get sweaty at night, but I found the pressure around the top of the sock (around my thigh) to be a bit annoying while I was trying to sleep. I rolled them down to knee height and slept much better.

They seem to support my legs really well, but I didn`t take any before/after photos or measurements so I cannot say for sure that they made any difference. Sorry.


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