29 weeks and counting

I had my 29 week check-up yesterday (time seems to be going much faster now that I have appointments every 2 weeks) and all looks good with the baby. Unfortunately the doctor told me I cannot take any kind of medicine to control my cold symptoms (they are all too harmful or have unknown side effects for unborn babies) so I have to continue to get better naturally (albeit very slowly!)

The baby is now 1497g and is starting to get a bit cramped in my belly. He will grow much rounder and chubbier from now, and more than double in weight, but thankfully he is almost as long as he will be at birth!!!

Here is what else I have to look forward to in the final 10 weeks of pregnancy...

Growth-And-Development Timeline

Weeks 29–31

  • Fetus is 35cm long and weighs over 1000g.
  • Protective lanugo (body hair) disappears; head hair thickens.
  • Skin smoothes out.
  • Eyelids separate.
  • Legs curl up in fetal position.
  • Fetus begins hiccuping.

Weeks 32–34

  • Fetus is 43cm and weighs over 1400g.
  • Fetus assumes head-down position.
  • Eyes are open when awake and closed when sleeping.
  • Fetus can scratch itself with fingernails.
  • Movement decreases as space shrinks.
  • Lungs are still developing (other organs are almost fully mature).

Weeks 35–40

  • At 36 weeks, fetus is 46cm long and weighs 2600g. At 40 weeks, it is 50cm long and weighs over 3000g.
  • Dimples at elbows and knees appear; creases form around wrists and neck.
  • Fetus turns toward light.
  • Vernix, a waxy coating, disappears (some may remain until birth).
  • Skin thickens and becomes whitish or bluish-pink.
  • Head drops down into mother’s pelvis.


  1. wow!!! only in 10 weeks, he grows that fast (+2000g)?! amazing!!!

    oh, back to basics... 29 weeks means 7 months? so we give birth in approx 9 months?! it is embarrassing that i really don't know anything X(

  2. i hope to give birth to a healthy child like you!!! i worry too much all the time that i feel like giving birth to an unhealthy child X( i think i have to stop working when the time comes!!! hehe

  3. sorry if my posts are duplicated few minutes later... i had a phone call and i don't remember whether i posted them already or not... i hope what i see here is what i posted. oops...

  4. Thanks Ochi! Yeah, he is going to grow soooooo much in the next 10 weeks. The weeks / months counting system is really complicated, especially because the system is different in Japan and other countries. Basically there are 40 weeks in pregnancy. If we count 1 month = 4 weeks, then we are pregnant for 10 months (Japanese system). If we count 1 month like a calendar, then we are pregnant for 9 months (US system).


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