28 weeks

So this week I entered my 28th week of pregnancy. This is also the start of the 3rd trimester! If things go according to plan, there are only 81 more days until I meet my son!

I know I haven`t been posting pics each week, but I feel like things changed a lot since last Friday...

Friday - week 28

Upon reading about the 28th week of pregnancy, I learned the following things about my baby...

1. Aside from the ability to blink, my little one has now eyebrows and eyelashes and his eyes are now fully formed.
2. Hairs on his head are also starting to grow reapidly.
3. His brain has now billions of active neurons, and it is now possible for the baby to start dreaming during sleep. Brain wave activity can now be measured and may now show the different sleep cycles like the rapid eye movement phase - a stage indicating that a dream is taking place.
4. Other new skills are the ability to cough and to suck intensively.
5. The lungs are now more developed than before. Premature babies born during this week have the capability to breathe. But of course, since the lungs are not fully developed yet, they will need medical support and devices.

Did you know that babies born in 28 weeks of pregnancy or more have a survival chance of over 90%?


  1. I didn't know that! I'm glad to know that your baby is fine!!!!!!!!!!!

    These pictures are great! I can understand how he is in you!!!

  2. It is a good picture, but it is so strange to think that he is living inside me... I sometimes forget he is there, but he always reminds me with a BIG kick or punch hehe :)


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