27 weeks

So I am now into the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy...

Friday - week 27

So far things are not too different from the other weeks, but I am starting to notice that I cannot sit down or stand up for long periods of time without feeling the need to shift my weight around. I can still walk long distances but walking up stairs and uphill is much harder with this belly in the way! I also wake up almost every night with cramps in the calf muscles of my legs... ouch!

As far as baby boy goes... he is now 1234grams in weight (getting so big!!). The doctor says that he is normal for his age. Good news!

We bought a pram for him while we were in NZ, a Mountain Buggy Swift (lime) which was discounted by 30% (yay Boxing Day sales) in Rotorua.

We also visited Ikea in Osaka yesterday to look for some cute bedding. Baby shopping is so much fun!


  1. Sounds fun to shop for your son!!!!! I wish I could have a baby if I think of shopping ;P

    Is he going to weigh twice as much from now?! I can't imagine how you feel at that point since it sounds very tiring now.

    Please take care! He should be soooooooo cute because you and yoshi's son!!!!!!


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