What to wear?

As of today, my maternity wardrobe contains less than 10 items, and I hope that is the way it will stay. I can`t bear to buy things that I won`t wear again in the future (who knows if/when I will have another baby, and knowing my luck, the seasons will be opposite anyway).

One good thing about fashion in Japan, is that a lot of girls tend to wear clothes a bit baggy anyway, so I`ve been able to wear most of my regular stuff until now.

I love my tights (woolly tights 1,500yen) from MUJI.

I also bought some jeans there (for 3,990yen) but they are a bit short, so I wear them tucked into my boots.

I love my jeans (7,900yen) from Mamas & Papas who have an online store, and also stock items in some real stores (I found some of their stuff in a shop in Namba Parks, Osaka).

I bought a sweater (about 3,000yen) from H&M online (from the UK) and have worn that heaps too.

I bought a really cheap black office skirt from Akasugu online too and wear that to work every Saturday and Sunday.

Because it is winter here in Japan, it is easy to put on lots of layers and cover up the bump... I wonder if that would make it easier or harder in summer time? Guess I will find out as I head back to NZ for a week from December 27th!


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