What does 2011 hold for Japan?

According to past trends and new products, the clever people at the Nikkei Trendy have come up with a list of things that are sure to be popular in Japan in 2011.

Let`s take a look...

1. GPS-based games – partly due to the iPhone and Android development coming to Japan.

2. Portable Beauty Products – Does not bode well for the success of Tokyo Metro’s poster campaign.

3. Home Appliance Linked Smart phones

4. Fishing Equipment – it seems that `back to nature` continues to be of interest to urbanites.

5. Luxury Bullet Train Tours – such as the one a GaijinPot writer took to Hakone.

6. Notepad Sized Tablets – following the success of iPad in Japan.

7. Raw Natural Product Based Cosmetics – this trend is apparently imported from Korea.

8. Nissan Leaf, and Electric Car Conversions.

9. Vending Machines that Proactively Sell – and may even replace conbini (convenience store) staff.

10. Shoes that Aid Body Toning on Commute – Another import, this one from the US.

* Interestingly, the top 10 products of 2010, were...

1. Chilli oil condiments
2. 3D Movies
3. Smartphones
4. Premium Roll Cakes

5. The iPad
6. Pocket Sized "Doltz" Electric Beauty Products from Panasonic
7. Low Priced LED Lightbulbs
8. Microwaveable Pre-Grilled Salmon Steaks
9. Harinacs Stapleless Stapler

10. Instant Clam Soup "With The Power of 70 Clams"


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