This week`s news

So the biggest news from this week;

My baby, now 6 months (=24 weeks) and 3 days along...

is a BOY!

He weighs 769 grams (getting so big!)

We have come to the conclusion that the men in Yoshi`s family (he has 2 brothers - who both have sons), are capable only of making boy babies. I will have lots of people to go to for advice once this one gets a bit older.

Here is the bump photo for this week;

Friday - 24 weeks

Getting much rounder!

On that note, the next piece of news was a WARNING from my doctor that I have to stop gaining weight at such a rapid rate. I told you guys about my weight gain limit... well, I have hit it already (10kg!!) OMG. He is not happy at all and says that not only will it be really hard for me to lose the weight after the baby is born, but weight gain of more than 10-12kg during a pregnancy can be very harmful for the baby and cause it to develop problems such as diabetes! So scary.

So he told me NOT to eat any sweet / fatty foods for the next month and see if that helps. Well it sure doesn`t help me... This is the season of decadence and gift giving (not only in Japan I know), and we have cakes, candy, chocolate and delicious snacks arriving daily from friends, family and Yoshi`s business customers.

But, whatever is best for my son! I can do it.

Have a great day :)


  1. Really?! I don't see you overweight from this picture though... how heavy is good for mother body?! I really don't know anything, so sorry if I'm writing a damn question X(

    But congrats for knowing the gender. I want to have a boy, so I envy you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you! I am not too overweight, but I have gained weight very fast! Actually, they calculate the personal limit according to your BMI. If you have a BMI below 18.0, then you can gain 9-12kg during the pregnancy. If your BMI is between 18-24, then you can gain 9kg during the pregnancy. If your BMI is above 24, then you should not gain more than 5-6kg. These are the rules in Japan (at my hospital). I noticed on some USA websites the numbers are a little different (up to 18kg weight gain is ok).
    I was underweight before I became pregnant (because I was so busy preparing for the wedding), and now my body has returned to its normal weight I suppose?
    Anyway, I am super excited to meet my little boy :)

  3. yay! got to start thinking up some good names! might be hard, having worked with kids for so long that certain names will be associated with certain kids. uta, for example, means cheeky haha. looking forward to meeting him too x

  4. Thanks Z. I know... every name I think of reminds me of someone (a student, an ex, some lame Japanese talent! hehe). It is also so much harder thinking of names that have good meanings in Japanese AND English, and are easy for Japanese people to pronounce, and that preferably have kanji characters too. Luckily we have 3 more months to think about it.


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