Merry Christmas

So it is Christmas here in Japan. It isn`t quite like Christmas in New Zealand, as I am sure you can imagine. It actually snowed in Osaka (but didn`t really hit the ground).

Yoshi is working all day (as usual) because it isn`t a public holiday here. I worked this morning, and made a chocolate house for dessert this afternoon...

cute right?

We are going to go out for crab dinner tonight (with Yoshi`s 2 brothers and sister and their wives/husbands and kids - 13 people in total) which should be nice. Not very Christmassy, but who am I to complain?

I bought presents for Yoshi and his mother, but have a feeling that the giving will be one sided...

I will keep you posted.



  1. happy merry christmas!!!

    very cute!!! thanks for posting how it looks! I saw this chocolate kit at store but couldn't get it since no one can eat all X(

    >giving will be one sided
    i know what you mean! that happens to oseibo/ochugen, too! luckily my darling's parents don't care about those but sometimes troublesome...
    speaking of christmas, i always bring something if i see people but i don't send out for greeting.


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