Chedi Luang (チェディルアン)

CHEDI LUANG (slightly annoying flash-only website) is a cool and very yummy Thai restaurant in Kita Horie, Osaka!

I read about this restaurant in the Kansai Scene Magazine (a favorite of English speakers living in the Kansai - Kobe, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto region).

There was also a 15% off coupon, so I convinced Yoshi (who doesn`t really like spicy food and hates coriander) to take me there for dinner yesterday.

DRINKS - Yoshi drank Italian soda (they have 5 varieties) and I had fresh mango juice (they also have about 5 varieties of fresh juice!).

FOOD - We ate stir fried beef with eggplant, stir fried chicken with sweet chili sauce, thai green curry with jasmine rice, fried vegetable spring rolls and some tofu dumplings.

The chairs were REALLY comfortable, the interior design of the restaurant was gorgeous, everything was delicious, but the service was a little slow. There seemed to be 3 wait staff on duty and only about 5-6 tables were occupied... but our food took a long time to come to the table.

They do a pretty cheap lunch set and they also have a buffet sometimes. Check it out!


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