22 weeks

Hey there,

I think that maybe posting a picture every week might be a bit boring, and so far, the size of my belly hasn`t changed that much (ok, so maybe just a little), so here is the next one...

Friday - 22 weeks

I had my 21 week check up last Thursday and was really looking forward to finding out the sex of the baby, but... alas... the picture wasn`t clear enough to tell for sure, although Yoshi is sure that he saw something which would clearly make it a `he`!

We will have to wait till next time I suppose.

Apart from that, everything is going well. I am currently studying for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which is held on December 5th, and using this blog as a serious distraction from my studies... better get back to it!

...on a side note, my mirror is looking VERY dirty, so will attempt to have it cleaned up before taking the next pic!


  1. Is the mirror dirty?! I think it is giving a nice effect ;)

    How exciting! If I imagine you and yoshi visiting doctor together wanting to know the sex of baby, I feel warm :D You are mom already! I just cannot believe!!!

  2. Yeah! It is very exciting!! This year has been so busy and lots of new things have happened to me! I tell everyone I am `happy busy` :)


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