My new toy

So after hearing rave reviews from my sister-in-law (who is also pregnant), I decided to cave to the pressure of japanese materialism and buy myself a facial steamer!

Yes, I know that 10 minutes with my head over a pot of hot water would probably achieve the same results, but look how pretty it is..

This is Panasonic`s new 2-way steamer (EH-SA60). It has a 12minute facial steaming function (for day care) and a 8hour nano care (ナノイー) function for night care. I am sceptical of the powers of nano care, but the 12minute steam has already made my skin softer (I think)!

What exactly is nano care anyway?

According to Panasonic (the maker of the Nano-Care Beauty system), nano ion steam is 1/8000 the size of normal steam which helps it to penetrate the skin and hair and help skin retain moisture. It may also be able to reduce oil, moisturise dry skin, strengthen skin`s suppleness and resistance, as well as refine pores.

Panasonic (in Japan) currently has about 4 facial care machines on the market, with different combinations of steam and nano care. Judging by the displays in-store and the queue at Yodobashi Camera (a huge electronics store here in Osaka), I`d say I`m not the only one who has fallen under their advertising spell..


  1. oh i love this!!! i have one w/o steam function on my desk at work since last christmas. i think now my skin is not oily like before! also it protects me from catching cold from others!!! coming to work is not at all pain if i think i can do the nano care for a day! hehe

  2. me too! so good. it feels like a little mini spa every day! i have a cold now, so i hope that it makes me better soon!


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