Maternity Corset?

In other news, I bought my very first maternity corset today. After visiting the temple and being given a `hara-obi` (stomach belt) that pregnant women used to wrap around their bellies - and discovering that at many metres long (in fact 32 feet in length and about a half a foot wide) would take me a really long time every morning to put on properly...

I opted for the modern Japanese women`s choice...

A maternity corset!

Having never heard of these used in any other culture / country, I stupidly asked my MIL and SIL if it was really necessary, and in fact if it wasn`t dangerous to prevent the child from growing as much as he/she liked... and was met with polite disagreement.

Maternity corsets are not designed to restrict the child from growing, but to support the weight of the growing belly, and prevent back pain.

In fact after googling the subject, found that during times of every-day corset wearing, some European women also wore maternity corsets...

`Maternity corsets were common during periods of history when the corset was a necessity in a woman's wardrobe. These were not intended to severely repress or disguise the pregnancy. Most had two rows of laces up the front or sides, as well as the usual set in the back. This allowed the corset to be adjusted as the belly expanded. There is still a type of maternity corset available today, which supports the weight of a maternal belly, and offers some back relief.`

However, I think that most of these opinions are not really based in medical science, but just in history and culture... Luckily it is winter here in Japan now (so it will keep me warm), and the corset I bought is not restrictive at all, so `Will I wear it?` `Yeah, why not?`


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