Japanese Maternity Mags

I have only bought 1 pregnancy magazine that wasn`t printed in Japan, so I cannot say for sure that all magazines aren`t just like those in Japan, but...

Here are some of the interesting features of the numerous Japanese magazines I have in my possession (printed in the last few months...)

1. Street snaps of pregnant Japanese women/girls featuring `cool` and `cute` maternity fashion;

2. Questions and answers (in cute cartoon form) about labor and delivery;

3. Necessary undergarments for pregnancy and post-pregnancy (to keep all the wobbly bits in shape);

4. Maternity wear (for the size 0 mama-to-be);

In the latest magazine I read, there was some interesting information about the good and bad / right and wrong things to do once contractions start, so I did learn something! It might have been a little easier to take it seriously however if the advice had not been accompanied by little `OK` and `NG` (no go) cartoons!

hehe ;)


  1. i know nothing about those... very interesting but still not sure how they are needed... episiotomy?! is that necessary?! noooooooooo


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