20 weeks!

Oh, I almost forgot. As of Tuesday this week, I am officially 20 weeks pregnant! According to the Japanese counting system, I am in my 6th month. Half way through!

Next Thursday we should (hopefully) be able to find out the gender of the baby (in our 6 month check up)!!

Last night I had a very vivid dream where the doctor told me the baby would be a boy. I am sure this is directly related to all of Yoshi`s family also telling me that the baby will be a boy... how do they know these things?

My parents keep asking me to email them a belly shot, but I haven`t gotten around to taking one yet. I suppose I should. I will probably regret not taking one, right?

Ok, here goes... my internet belly debut...

Friday - 20 weeks.

I feel huge, and as you can see, my belly isn`t the only thing that has expanded! So excited to watch him/her get bigger each week!

He/She has been kicking and punching me furiously (I can even feel it when I touch my belly) so I am sure he/she is going to be a genki little one!


  1. You are really beautiful ;) I wish I can be like you when I'm pregnant!!! I wonder why your doctor told you gained too much weight... hehe!

  2. Thank you! You are so sweet. I think although I am not so big now, I am bigger (and have gained more weight so far) than a normal Japanese girl. My doctor is Japanese and I guess he is comparing me to all his other patients.


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