Pregnancy in Japan (resources)

Before I start with my 2 cents on the matter, some lovely (mostly non-Japanese) women (and some men too) living here in Japan have already written some great stuff about pregnancy in Japan, so please check their notes out too...

The Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese is a great organisation full of women from all over the world living here in Japan, and they have lots of information about all areas of life in Japan (including pregnancy)

Amy Nakazawa has recently given birth and has some cool things to say about cultural differences between Japan and Canada (her home country) has some information from a `foreign daddy in Japan` point of view (his wife is Japanese), which is very interesting.

AMDA is a medical information site with details about all kinds of medical services in English (and other languages) all over Japan. I have used their service a couple of times and was not completely satisfied, but it is free! so give it a go if you are stuck.

Andy Gray wrote an article about his wife and her experience of being pregnant and giving birth in Japan. has some good information and links but unfortunately the forums are no longer active (still a good place for resources though.

An interesting article about pregnancy in Tsukuba Japan (but applies to most areas I think)

For those lucky Tokyoites (lucky because there seems to be so much more information there than here in Osaka) please check out

Also in Tokyo, the Childbirth Education Center

And of course, for all those books you want to read (in English) you can`t go past

Happy reading! (and feel free to add more, in the comments section).


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