My bad...

So I`m in trouble... not with my parents or my hubby (not this time anyway)... with my doctor!

I had my 3rd checkup at the hospital yesterday, and as usual, when I arrived, I peed in the cup, weighed myself and took my blood pressure, and handed all the bits of paper (proof) into one of the nurses?/staff?/girls in pink uniforms.

When it came time for my 5-min chat with the doctor, he took one look at my chart and proclaimed that I am gaining weight much too fast.

When I had my first check up, one of the girls in pink uniforms told me that my weight could only increase by a maximum of 9-11kg (about 20-24pounds) during the course of the pregnancy.

I have already gained 4.5 kilograms, and am only at 17 weeks. Oooooops.

I am pretty sure I know why/how this has happened.

Before I got pregnant, I was busy preparing for my wedding (rushing, hurrying, stressing etc... all the good things that help a girl keep in shape). I was also living alone (skipping meals, eating only 2 meals a day, basically being lazy with nutrition).

Now I am pregnant, I am living with my MIL and my hubby, which has changed 2 important things when it comes to my eating habits. Firstly, I eat more. I get served up delicious hubby-sized helpings of all the dinner goodies. Secondly, I eat later. Yoshi finishes work around 10pm every night and by the time he gets home, and his mum has made dinner, we usually sit down to eat around 10:30... great for the metabolism (not!)

I am definitely not complaining about my situation (my MIL makes great Japanese food and I always eat every last bite) but am wondering why my doctor can`t cut me a bit of slack. Grrrrr.

Have any of you lovely non-japanese girls living here in Japan been able to stick to the weight guidelines during your pregnancies? HOW??


  1. Do not take it totally to heart. Women all over the world are being told to not put on too much weight, I don't understand why (as I've never been preggers!)... a friend back in England, who was always short and plump, was told she was morbidly obese during the end of her pregnancy, she had eaten healthily and upped her previous level of daily exercise! What do they want! I say, and I remember hubby not being happy at you losing weight, that maybe you needed to put on those kilos to be back at healthy Fran? AND, a healthy balanced diet is only going to benefit your baby - its not like you're eating like a single girl now!

    Yes, eating at 10pm is not good, maybe eat your main meal when you get home but join hubby for a small snack when he gets home? Your husband's work is quite active, so he needs that many calories. If you're not, then try to drink more soups and fill up on protein and veg. Pretty certain that rice doesn't have any nutritional value in pregnancy!

    Hope this helps x

  2. Thanks!! Yes you are right... as usual! Miss you and hope to talk soon (in person)... thanks for reading xx

  3. i am very overweight to begin with, but i managed to not gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. how? morning sickness. i was "lucky" that my morning sickness was a lack of appetite. my metabolism also kicked into high gear when i was pregnant so i could eat quite a bit (when i was hungry) and not gain weight.

    i wouldn't recommend not gaining weight, though. you need to eat--for yourself. basically your body is going to do whatever it takes to make that baby so you need to eat to take care of yourself!

    in japan, in general, gestational diabetes is a problem. doctors tend to recommend not gaining a lot of weight to japanese women because of that risk. i wouldn't worry too much about it. as long as you're eating 'right' and getting some exercise (but you don't have to exercise if you don't want to!) i should think you're doing fine. i know it can be hard when the dr. is giving you a hard time about the weight, but as long as your protein levels are good and your blood pressure is normal, i would let any scolding just roll off your back. otherwise, i'd recommend finding a new doctor!

  4. Thanks heaps Lisa, and to Illahee too, for your very supportive comment. I have always been careful with what and how much I eat, and I have never ever received any negative comments about my weight, so I guess I took it to heart. I know that gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable, and everyone`s body is different. I should thank my lucky stars that I haven`t had any morning sickness or any other problems, and try to enjoy my pregnancy! I am officially 20 weeks pregnant now, so already half way! It has gone by so fast!!


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