Wedding plans

Thanks to my little sister and lots of encouragement from all corners of the globe, Yoshi and I started planning our wedding in April.

Here is how it is looking so far...


In the middle of July 2010


Nara, Japan

We chose it because of the good food, and the gorgeous chapel...


54 of our closest family and friends. Most of the guest list is filled with Yoshi`s family, but we have some international guests too. My mum will fly in from NZ and my dad from the UK, some friends will also come from the US, Canada and Korea!


For my bouquet I have chosen white roses and green leaves. They will form a kind of round (ball) shape with long stems.

For the main table (where Yoshi and I will be seated), I have chosen white roses, light pink gerberas and lots of green stuff... like this...


I have chosen an ivory-colored mermaid line dress. It is strapless and is covered with tiny glass beads... hard to describe without a picture, but I don`t want anyone to see the dress before the big day, sorry!


We have to organise 10 songs to play at different times during the reception (entrance, toast, cake-cutting etc..). Some songs we have chosen already are `I`ve got a feeling` - Black Eyed Peas, `No One` - Alicia Keys, `Story` - Ai, `The Reason` - Hoobastank and `Make me better` - Ne Yo


It will be chocolate (of course!) and covered with white chocolate shavings and lots of fresh summer berries. I have a picture somewhere, I will try to post it later.


Yoshi`s nieces (Kano and Koto) and nephews (Uta and Kanata) will fill these roles perfectly!

二次会 NI JI KAI (second wedding party):

We will have the second wedding party at a club in Shinsaibashi called Full Bloom. It seats 100 people and has a huge dance floor. Perfect. They also have a resident DJ which makes planning a lot easier!

Sounds good, right?

More to come later I hope :)


  1. Sounds brilliant - I can't wait to be there and be part of it all. Love you - Dad.

  2. Very nice! Wow! Sounds exciting to have such a lot of people :D We are not doing 2jikai. Maybe 80 people at the reception and that's it. We just realized we don't have that many friends! Ha-ha!!! How nice your dad is writing here!!! Waiting to see your photos!!!

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments!! I am getting excited about the wedding and although I am extremely busy and tired, it is one of the most fun and interesting times I have ever had!

  4. I'm glad to read your comment! I'm really happy to hear that you are having fun time!!! Best wishes for a beautiful life together :D

  5. Sounds like fun! I hope you post more pictures of your planning!


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