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Wedding plans

Thanks to my little sister and lots of encouragement from all corners of the globe, Yoshi and I started planning our wedding in April.
Here is how it is looking so far...
In the middle of July 2010
The Hilltop Terrace Nara, Japan
We chose it because of the good food, and the gorgeous chapel...

54 of our closest family and friends. Most of the guest list is filled with Yoshi`s family, but we have some international guests too. My mum will fly in from NZ and my dad from the UK, some friends will also come from the US, Canada and Korea!
For my bouquet I have chosen white roses and green leaves. They will form a kind of round (ball) shape with long stems.
For the main table (where Yoshi and I will be seated), I have chosen white roses, light pink gerberas and lots of green stuff... like this...

I have chosen an ivory-colored mermaid line dress. It is strapless and is covered with tiny glass beads... hard to describe without a picture, but I don`t want anyone to see th…