Yes I am OK :)

Sorry I haven`t written here for a loooong time.

I have been so busy because lots of things have happened and changed in the last few months (since I returned to Japan from Christmas in New Zealand)...

1. My sister has come to Japan and is living with me. She is here on a working holiday and plans to stay until August at least.

2. I quit my job at the kindergarten and am now studying Japanese full time at the YMCA Gakuin (大阪YMCA学院) here in Osaka.

3. I am planning my wedding! Yoshi and I have set the date (July 11th 2010) and will hold out wedding ceremony and reception in Nara, and our 2nd party in Osaka.

I promise I will write more when I have time.



  1. Hey! I was thinking of you!!! I'm glad to see your post :D

    Wow! Your sister is in Japan as well?! How nice!!!

    Your wedding is very soon. I understand you are having busy days... So do I... now we are looking for our new home (sudden new task...) and I have no time to sleep... X(

    Take care and waiting to see your wedding report ;)


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