I am feeling better :)

Hi all,

Sorry I didn`t do a
`10 things that make me smile Sunday` post yesterday. To be honest, I wasn`t feeling all that smiley, after a 3-week bout of nausea culminating in a horror night of vomiting, followed by 3 days of no appetite and the complete inability to sleep.

The cause? `maybe it is a stomach cold? or maybe it is the Noro virus?` (the doctor suggested, after waiting at the hospital for 2 and 1/2 hours).

Anyway, I am on the mend, helped tremendously by my new discovery; porridge.

Of course, it isn`t really new, by anyone`s standards, even my own, as it got me through almost 2 decades of winters before I left New Zealand.

In Japan however, for some unknown reason, yesterday (Valentine`s Day) was the first time I ever thought to make porridge in Japan!
And it worked wonders. All soft and warm and sweet and nourishing. Tasted just like home.

Yesterday I ate porridge with a tiny sprinkling of brown sugar and cold fresh milk.
I don`t really like milk but had some in the fridge after making Valentine`s day goodies for Yoshi and his brothers.

-> Oh yes,

Today I found some of my favorite things - soy milk, bananas and cinnamon sugar (which is just a blend of cinnamon and sugar - funny that) and added them to my porridge!

Super delicious and highly recommended for anyone who is feeling sad, lonely, cold or nauseous over this long winter.


  1. oh no! i had something similar recently. it sucks. take care of yourself and keep warm :)


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