Busy week

So last week I was busy working and getting everything ready for my little sister (Eve) who is arriving in Japan on Tuesday night!

She is coming for a 6-month working holiday and will be staying with me (as long as we don`t kill each other!!). We haven`t lived together since we were young teenagers, so it is gonna be really different, but hopefully really fun!

The other thing is that I have been living alone for the last 3-4 years, so it is going to be interesting having someone to share my space. I think it will be good practice for my upcoming married life!

Yoshi`s mum has been helping out A LOT. She gave me lots of bedding (sheets, pillowcases, a blanket) and a single bed from their house! I have converted my TV room (4 tatami mats - very small) into Eve`s bedroom and packed it full of things that I hope that she will love.

School has been busy too as we are wrapping things up for the end of the school year (school in Japan runs from April to March - quite different to New Zealand) and doing lots of boring things like writing end-of-year report cards, making portfolios of all the kids` work and planning our last field trip. They have already hired someone (a man from NZ) to replace me when I leave the school, so he has been there too, learning about all the kids before the new school year.


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