10 things that make me smile Sunday

* houji cha - roasted green tea (Yoshi`s mum gave me a huge bag of it since it was the anniversary of her mother`s passing and she loved houji cha)
* the 100yen shop (got 2 tea cups, a tea strainer, a tray, an oven mitt, cinnamon and some onigiri boxes for 700yen!)
* Zara (got the cutest top there today!!)
Loft (bought a super cute bento box and slippers for Eve)
* free Ipod touch games/applications (so addictive and such great time-wasters on the train)

* Lady Gaga. Just missed out on getting tickets to her Osaka concert, but enjoying blasting her latest songs as I clean up my apartment.

* only 2 more sleeps till Eve arrives!
* hearing (through the grape-vine) that the owner of the kindergarten where I work said that she wishes I wasn`t leaving... (she is a VERY hard woman to please, so this made me super smiley!)

* being given a web-cam guided tour of my Dad`s house in England. Such amazing views!

* cute seasonal items (pink candy, pink popcorn, little dolls everywhere) for the
Hina Matsuri `Girls Festival` on March 3rd


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