10 things that make me smile Sunday

There is always someone to ruin a photo...

* my dad for sending me this pic to make me smile
* riding the train out to Kyoto in the blistering cold and watching snow fall all around
* eating homemade chocolate cake, pudding and Mozart Cafe`s rare cheesecake (and drinking 3 coffees) all in one day
* catching up with an old friend and meeting her 20month old daughter
* eating pizza for lunch with Teru-chan and Sabu-kun and sitting under their kotatsu
* buying 2 bowls, 2 sheets, a duvet cover and a towel from Ikea for my sister`s imminent arrival for less than $30
* getting all the washing dry outside despite the freezing temperatures
* making puffed rice with the kindergarteners last week (noisy but delicious)
* only 24 days left with said kindergarteners!!
* looking forward to more excitement in 2010


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