Too Stupid

I certainly don`t hate Americans, or America, and I would never say that people from one country are necessarily more stupid than another, but ...

Is this not the most hilarious thing you have ever seen?

hehehee ;)


  1. This is pretty funny even though I am from America. Loved the part where the Aussie reporter directed everyone to name Ausralia as France, Iran, even North Korea!!!!!!! Hilarious!

  2. Honnestly, I dunno if I should laugh or cry... But then i am from France... I remembered, getting asked some questions when i was living in california, and then they told me I was one of the rare americans knowing about international affairs and geography... and i answered, well maybe because I am from france... they did not have recognized my accent... that was funny as hell ! ^^ I discovered your nice blog by doing a word researh on shugi bukuro for one of my japanese friends getting married by the way (same month as you, she is getting married on the 17th of july)... and you have all my congratulations for this nice blog... I kept going through the pages, it is really fresh and nice to read...


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