Thank you 20-year-olds!

Today is a national holiday! Everyone gets a day off to celebrate the coming-of-age of all the youths in Japan.

The name of this great holiday is
成人の日 (Seijin no Hi) and it is held annually on the second monday of the first month of the year (this year, January 11th). The day is meant to inspire and encourage all people turning 20 this year, and remind them that they have become adults (and can now buy and drink alcohol, buy and smoke tobacco, and vote in local elections).

For these 19 and 20-year-olds, today is much more than a holiday; festivities include
成人式 seijin-shiki (coming of age festivals), and parties with families and friends.

If you are interested in kimonos and other traditional japanese fashion, then today would be a good idea to head in to the city, to the local city office, or to a shrine or temple (and don`t forget your camera); Seijin no Hi is a chance for young females to dress up in some of the most decorative and beautiful kimonos called `Furisode`.

Because these traditional garments are very expensive, most girls borrow them from family members, or rent them from kimono shops. All the girls usually get up
VERY early, and head off to beauty salons where they are dressed, and their hair and make-up is done to match their kimonos.

Most young men choose to wear dark colored suits, but occasionally they wear japanese `hakama` instead.

Have a great day everyone!

* Thanks to flickr for all the great pics.


  1. Very beautiful pictures!!! I love to see your posts since you always post attractive images!!!

    Anyway, belated Happy New Year!
    Hope your year is filled with smiles :D


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