Starbucks ほうじ茶ティーラテ

Starbucks in Japan have recently released some new tea lattes. Starbucks is always releasing new drinks but I never want to try any of them because I hate sweet drinks and they are always named something sickly sweet like `Caramel Eclair Latte` or `Gingerbread Latte`.

One of my favorite drinks is the slightly bitter Matcha Tea Latte. I have tried this one in other countries and didn`t like it - it was very sweet with lots of added sugar, but in Japan the taste is a bit closer to authentic Japanese Matcha - more bitter!

Today I tried the Houjicha Latte (ほうじ茶ティーラテ) which is made with a tea bag (filled with roasted green tea leaves) and hot steamed milk. The flavor of the houjicha was much softer than matcha, but it was really good.

I have never tried Japanese tea with milk before (most people drink it straight), but this was surprisingly good.

I have read some comments of people who drink houjicha lattes with soy milk instead of regular milk as they say it enhances the flavor. I do LOVE soy milk, so I might try that one next time.

Houjicha Latte costs 370yen for a short size and 420yen for a tall size and it is part of the new `tea` line up (which is often sold out in inner-city Starbucks around Osaka). The new `tea` lineup includes Assam Black Tea Latte (アッサム ブラック ティー ラテ) and Lavender Earl Grey Tea Latte (ラベンダー アール グレイ ティー ラテ).

I prefer Japanese tea to other kinds of tea, so I don`t think I will try the other new tea lattes. Let me know if they are good though :)

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  1. i love the assam black tea latte. its so good! and my new friend at starbucks gives me free cookies. thanks, ryo :p

  2. I wish they would offer the hoji-cha latte in the US!


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