My Sunday

I did 2 things today...

1. I solved a mystery!
Well that makes it sound much more exciting than it really was. Sometimes (I thought randomly), the power turns itself off in my apartment and I have to reset it using the main breaker (above my front door).

Today I realised what makes it turn off!! I had 5 things plugged into the wall and turned on at the same time (my computer, my little heater, the range/microwave and the kettle. The fridge is always plugged in and turned on, so that is #5).

I will be far more careful in the future, and ensure that a maximum of 4 things are plugged in and turned on at any one time.

2. I met an old friend. Eiko-chan (one of my students from the Eikaiwa) and I had lunch, and cake, and coffee and smoothies today! I hadn`t seen her since March last year (almost a year ago), and we had soooo much catching up to do.

We had lunch at Factory Cafe in Chayamachi.

I had the `hamburg plate lunch` for 980yen...

After that we had smoothies and cake at Tooth Tooth Colors (no I don`t know where the crazy name comes from) in Umeda.

I had a banana and soy-milk smoothie (for 680yen) and a piece of chocolate brownie (for 780yen) for dessert!!

I am so full but very happy.

ありがとう Eiko-chan


  1. Hi! Thank you for writing our fun lunch(^0^)! I'm also very happy and fun♪ I was full too, but I had normal dinner!! hehehe (^^!


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