Love for Tengu

Tengu is the name of a class of supernatural creatures (天狗) found in Japanese folk lore.

More importantly, Tengu is also the name of an organic and natural food mail order company here in Japan. The catalogs and website are all in English (and Japanese too - if you prefer) and they ship all over Japan.

I recently ordered from them (for the 2nd time) and everything was delivered today in good time and in perfect condition (they accept COD too which is good for those customers without Japanese credit cards).

One of their products I have to rave about is the RAW chocolate!!

It is made by
Loving Earth - an Australian company which prides itself on bringing natural, beautiful (and tasty) things to the people.

Their raw chocolate (dark) contains only Organic raw cacao butter, Organic raw cacao powder, Organic agave syrup (dark), Vanilla beans and Himalayan crystal salt.

It is Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

Tengu and Loving Earth


  1. thanks for the recommendation :)
    sounds good. can't wait to try it!


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