A good cure...

For an upset tummy in Japan, lots of people recommend eating ぞうすい (zousui) or お粥 (okayu) because they are so soft and easy to digest.

There is a strange stomach bug making the rounds at the kindergarten where I work, and I seem to have picked up a strain of it... ewww...

I am off work today and for breakfast I ate this;

It is zousui made by Nagatanien, a Japanese company that makes lots of rice products, and specialises in お茶漬け (ochazuke).

It is full of yummy things like rice, ginger, egg and herbs.

The most interesting thing about this product is that it is marketed towards 働く女性のために開発した (`working women`) and with only 93 calories (and costing only 160yen), I am sure that lots of women really do buy it!

I checked the Nagatanien website and found that they make some other products for `working women too`...

Hot Chai tea (with ginger)

Hot Lemon tea (with ginger)

Hot Cocoa (with ginger)

Ginger throat candy

This group of products is called the 冷え知らずさんの生姜シリーズ (roughly translated to `Cold/chill prevention series`) which I suppose is why everything contains ginger!

- all images from http://www.nagatanien.co.jp


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