10 things that make me smile Sunday

10 things - here goes...

* Starbucks new houjicha tea latte (ほうじ茶ティーラテ).
* getting my little spare room ready for my sister... she`s not coming till mid-February, but that IS only a few weeks away!

* seeing that Japan has already gone into Valentine`s Day mode. I am not a big fan of Valentine`s day but it is very amusing watching all the girls browsing the `make-your-own-chocolate` kits a month before the BIG day.
* UNIQLO fleece (now I have room pants and a fleecy jacket combo!)

* clear, blue-skied, rainless days
* sliced fresh apples covered in yogurt (currently loving the probiotic `Bulgaria` yogurt made by Meiji)

* hugs

* long walks (I walked all the way home from Yoshi`s work this morning - googlemaps told me it was 7.1 kilometres!!)
* getting back into Wii Fit after a veeeeery long absence
* making plans to see old friends :)

- image from mercedesrules


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