10 things that make me smile Sunday

ooh, sorry I haven`t done this for almost a month!

(picture courtesy of some awfully hot kiwi boys doing the haka!!!)

Anyway, let`s get started...

* Alicia Keys and Jay-Z on their new track
`Empire State of mind` - love the video too :)

* 2 weeks with my friends and family back in NZ

* NZ wine

* NZ
* mum`s home-cooked food

* deciding to sign up for Japanese school full time from April!

* only 2 and a half months left at the kindergarten

* hot water bottles (ゆたんぽ)
* watching `The Biggest Loser` - don`t know why but it makes me cry every time
* new stationery and a new diary for 2010


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