Who thought of this?

I love azuki (sweet red beans) and you all know my kitty kat Azuki-kun;

But... I really want to meet the weirdo who came up with this one...

`Suntory’s latest addition to the Pepsi Cola lineup is azuki-flavored cola, Pepsi Azuki, which will go on sale Oct 20. The aroma of azuki has been blended into the original Pepsi flavor. Suntory has been releasing seasonal Pepsis every year, and the theme for 2009 is “wa”.

The product is the second seasonal drink this year, following the “shiso”-flavored cola released in summer. Suntory says the product targets consumers in their 20s and 30s and said the azuki flavor blends uniquely with the refreshing tang of the carbonated drink.

Priced at 140 yen excluding tax (490ml). The sale will be limited to 200,000 cases (24 bottles/case) and will be sold at supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Japan.`

In case you were wondering, `wa` is all things Japanesey and is as common adjective in word compounds like Washoku (traditional Japanese food), Wafuku (Japanese clothing), Washitsu (traditional Japanese rooms) and Washi (Japanese paper).

There is no chance that I`ll be trying this one. Has anyone else braved it yet?


  1. I tried it - it wasn't awful but my husband and I couldn't drink a whole bottle.

  2. Yep! I tried it once. Not worth to buy it for yourself. I shared it with my coworker"S"! Ha-ha ;)



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