Tadaima (I`m home)!

Hi everyone,

A very happy belated

I just got back to Osaka after a divine 14 days back home in New Zealand.

(Here is me and my family before Christmas lunch!)...

Everyone in Japan is always surprised to hear that we celebrate Christmas during the summertime in New Zealand (like when else are we going to have it??), so I thought I would share some things that make Christmas special for us kiwis.

The New Zealand Christmas tree = the pohutakawa
The New Zealand santa (although a few images of santa feature a shorts-wearing, surfing santa, the one i remember looks similar to santas all over the world).

The New Zealand Christmas sport = beach cricket

The New Zealand Christmas dinner ...

hehe, nah, just kidding. Most people have roast chicken or lamb chops;

The New Zealand Christmas dessert = the pavlova

The New Zealand Christmas holiday home = the bach (pronounced like `batch`)

New Zealand Christmas footwear = jandals

I am off to Yoshi`s family home tomorrow to celebrate New Year with all his family.

See you in 2010!!


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